I’m Biswadip Sir

I’m a Teaching Fellow in the department of Mathematics at Ramakrishna Mission Residential College (Autonomous), Narendrapur, Kolkata. In addition to my professional teaching, I’m also the author / co-author of several undergraduate B.Sc. Mathematics books for Calcutta University such as “B.Sc. Mathematics (I, II, III, IV)”, “C Programming Language”, “Lectures on Sets and Mathematical Logic”,  “Differential Equations (Ordinary and Partial)”, “Linear Programming and Game Theory”  which are available on Amazon.



We offer SEMESTER-I to SEMESTER-VI ONLINE & OFFLINE coaching classes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students studying at the University of Calcutta (CU) in the courses B.Sc Maths Honours & B.Sc Maths Pass / General. We aid the students with well-prepared study material, study notes and mock tests. We have also prepared a solution key to the past ten years B.Sc Mathematics university question papers .

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B.Sc Mathematics Online & Offline classes, both Hons. & pass, for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students of CU, SEMESTER-I to SEMESTER-VI, are taken by Prof. Sudipta Ma’am and Prof. Biswadip Sir, Ramakrishna Mission Residential College (Autonomous), Narendrapur.
Join our online/offline B.Sc Maths classes to achieve best result in B.Sc Mathematics.

Our esteemed faculty conducts frequent LIVE classes over Skype/Google meet/Zoom, as they cover various concepts and and problem-solving tricks. We offer pre-recorded video lectures for those who can’t attend regular classes. Special classes to clear doubts are regularly held as the student progresses through the course. The lectures are adapted to the requirements of the course, strictly adhering to the current CBCS syllabus. Mock tests are performed regularly to monitor student progress.

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1. Garia Centre
Address: Ground floor of Boral Union Cooperative Bank, Garia Main Road
Nearest Metro Station: Kavi Nazrul metro [ 2 minutes]

2. Tollygunge Centre
Address: First floor of Girona Study Centrum, 12, Jubilee Park, Tollygunge
Nearest Metro Station:
Mahanayak Uttam Kumar
[6 minutes]

3. Girish Park Centre
Address: Ground floor of UND Academy, Goa Bagan, Near Scottish Church College
Nearest Metro Station: Girish Park [10 minutes]


Video backups

Video backups are provided for students who have missed the LIVE classes.

Online Classes

Regular ONLINE LIVE interactive classes.

Offline classes

Live offline classes are offered in our study centers every day.

Mock tests

Regular mock tests & special doubt-clearing classes are provided.


We follow standard books recommended by CU.


Study materials and notes are given to our students.

B.Sc. Mathematics (Honours)

  • 1st Year
    In this semester, there are two CC papers each of 100 marks .
    Core Course-1: Calculus, Geometry & Vector Analysis
    Core Course-2: Algebra
    SEM 1
  • 1st Year
    In this semester, there are two CC papers each of 100 marks .
    Core Course-3: Real Analysis
    Core Course-4: Group Theory-I
    SEM 2
  • 2nd Year
    In this semester, there are three CC papers & one SEC paper each of 100 marks .
    Core Course-5: Theory of Real Functions
    Core Course-6: Ring Theory & Linear Algebra-I
    Core Course-7: Ordinary Differential Equation & Multivariate Calculus-I
    SEC-A: C Programming Language/Object Oriented Programming in C++
    SEM 3
  • 2nd Year
    In this semester, there are three CC papers & one SEC paper each of 100 marks .
    Core Course-8: Riemann Integration & Series of Functions
    Core Course-9: Partial differential equation & Multivariate Calculus-II
    Core Course-10: Mechanics
    SEC-B: Mathematical Logic / Scientific computing with SageMath / R
    SEM 4
  • 3rd Year
    In this semester, there are two CC papers & two DSE papers each of 100 marks .
    Core Course-11: Probability & Statistics
    Core Course-12: Group Theory-II & Linear Algebra-II
    DSE-A(1): Advanced Algebra / Bio Mathematics / Industrial Mathematics
    DSE-B(1): Discrete Mathematics / Linear Programming & Game Theory / Boolean Algebra & Automata Theory
    SEM 5
  • 3rd Year
    In this semester, there are two CC papers & two DSE papers each of 100 marks .
    Core Course-13: Metric Space & Complex Analysis
    Core Course-14: Numerical Methods + LAB
    DSE-A(2): Differential Geometry / Mathematical Modelling / Fluid Statics & Elementary Fluid Dynamics
    DSE-B(2): Point Set Topology / Astronomy & Space Science / Advanced Mechanics
    SEM 6


Students need a reliable teacher – the best of the best

For every student, right from school level to the highest degree, receiving proper academic guidance is an essential requirement. Due to the lack of proper coaching and sincere effort, students are unable to achieve their required potential. As a result, many of their academic and professional dreams are never fulfilled. Precisely, for these reasons students need a reliable teacher. We are happy to announce that their search should end at Professor Biswadip Sir’s coaching centre. Prof. Biswadip Sir has been grooming and coaching students in mathematics  for the last 18 years. Prof. Biswadip SIr is a faculty member of Ramkrishna Mission Residential College at Narendrapur, Kolkata. His training starts at school level with the CBSE batches who have come out with flying colours in their Board Examinations. 



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We provide coaching classes for all the papers covered in the B.Sc Mathematics CBCS syllabus for the students of University of Calcutta. Join our B.Sc Maths Online Classes for best result.

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