CBCS B.Sc Maths Syllabus 2018: Calcutta University is set to introduce semester exams and choice-based-credit-system (CBCS) in the undergraduate B.Sc Mathematics Honours & General and will follow B.Sc Mathematics CBCS Syllabus for that . The students taking admissions in colleges affiliated to CU, commencing from 2018-2019 academic year in the UG courses will be registered under the new CBCS format & examinations will be evaluated on CBCS method.

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Exam and grade points under CBCS B.Sc Maths Syllabus

The examination will now be on grade points and the student score sheet will be on 10 point grade scale. No marks will be mentioned. Combining all semesters an honours student has to appear for 140 credit points in three years across 6 semesters. In general, a student needs to appear on 120 credit points. To graduate, in six semesters an honours candidate needs to secure CGPA 4 and general student needs to bag 3 CGPA.

Rules for students studying under CBCS B.Sc Maths Syllabus | CU

We provide ONLINE & CLASSROOM coaching classes for B.Sc Mathematics Hons. & PassĀ  1st, 2nd and 3rd year, SEMESTER-I to SEMESTER-VI, students of Calcutta University (CU)Ā . B.Sc Mathematics CBCS classes are taken are taken byĀ Prof. Sudipta Maā€™am & Prof. Biswadip Sir., Ramakrishna Mission Residential College (Autonomous), Narendrapur.

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UG Mathematics course - under B.Sc Mathematics CBCS Syllabus

B.Sc. (Hons.) Mathematics or Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Mathematics is an undergraduate Mathematics course and B.Sc Mathematics CBCS Syllabus will follow from 2018 onward in CU. Mathematics is the study of quantity, structure, space, and change.Ā  For the reason that the mathematics program provides a deep insight on geometry, trigonometry, calculus and various other theories in Mathematics or related disciplines, such as Computer science or Statistics.Ā  FurthermoreĀ  the study of the normal Bachelor of Science subjects likewise Physics and Chemistry, they also have maths as pass subject. Furthermore, the duration of the course is three years and for the reason that the B.Sc Mathematics CBCS Syllabus for the course is divided into either six semesters over the three-year course.Ā 

B.Sc Mathematics CBCS Syllabus [ Hons ]

(w.e.f. 2018)

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